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LK8432B Bakelite L15-30P Locking Rubber Plug

Product Item: LK8432B

Product Description

30 Amp, 250 Volt, NEMA L15-30P, 3 Pole, 4 Wire, Industrial Grade Locking Rubber Plug, Grounding, Bakelite

The locking rubber plug wiring devices are designed for industrial and commercial applications. The rubber housing of insulated design shields exposed metal parts on hand-held side. The industrial strength contacts resist heat rise, provide excellent conductivity. The internal dust shield design keeps terminals free of contaminants.

  • Industrial Specification Grade Locking Rubber Plug
  • Twist-Lock Rubber Plug
  • Locking Type Rubber Plug

Product Specifications

Configuration 3-Pole, 4-Wire Grounding, NEMA L15-30P
Wiring Method Back Wire
Rating 30A 250V, AC 60HZ
Terminal Accommodation #10 AWG
Material Bakelite/Rubber
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